Every brand has an audience. How are you leveraging yours to drive business impact? 

As economic threats loom and the impending third party “Cookiepocalypse” nears closer, marketers are scrambling to adapt strategies, secure loyalty, and stay ahead. What some have not realized is that their most impactful solution exists right within their own community of consumers. 

TINT’s CRO (previously Vesta’s Founder and CEO) Sue Frech, recently joined Matthew Schwartz on the ANA’s Champions of Growth Podcast to discuss how Community Powered Marketing is the most powerful tool for marketers today. 

Check out the episode and hear Matthew and Sue chat about… 

  • Why community is the superpower of brands in the post-pandemic era 
  • How Sir Kensington’s wins as a challenger brand with community
  • Why bigger brands need to be taking a page from the playbook of smaller brands to build stronger relationships
  • How Community Powered Marketing utilizes nontransactional engagement and rewards to fill the gaps of traditional loyalty programs
  • Tapping into community for first and zero party data to power segmentation and personalization at scale 
  • And more! 

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