We did it. 2020 is almost in the rearview. These past 46 12 months have put marketers through the wringer, but you have risen to the occasion with every challenge and have adapted, innovated, and served your customers in ways you never thought possible.

This year was a transformational time for many companies and we are so thankful for the opportunity to help marketers navigate this volatile and challenging market. And while this year was full of challenges, there was still a lot to celebrate, so we wanted to take a moment to honor the wins and revisit the information and insights that made a difference.

2020 Highlights

We saw inspiring results…

Money in the bank

A fast-growing frozen-food brand achieve a +20% lift in sales since its community launch, boasting increased brand loyalty and more than 6,600 reviews.

Personalization leads to positive brand opinion

An up-and-coming pet care brand achieved a +18% boost in positive brand opinion after just one month of community engagement – showcasing the immediate impact of community activation.


A leading children’s probiotics brand saw a +9% increase in brand loyalty among community members who had participated in the community for more than a year.


A personal care brand saw its Net Promoter Score increase by +20% for those who have engaged with the community for two years – highlighting the value of building long-term relationships with consumers via a community channel.


We weighed in on the latest trends…

As Seen in Forbes 8/14

So you left Facebook – Now What? A Marketer’s Guide to Reclaiming Consumer Relationships


As seen in Loyalty 360 - How Brands Use Community in Tough Times

How Brands Should Use Community to Enhance Their Marketing Stacks in Tough Times


When the Data (Cookie) Crumbles


As Seen in Forbes: How A Brand-Owned Community Can Future-Proof Your Brand For 2021 and Beyond

How a Brand-Owned Community Can Future-Proof Your Brand for 2021 and Beyond

We shared valuable insights…

Brand Sentiment Navigator: COVID-19 Consumer Research Hub
What Marketers Need to Know: Consumer Sentiment About Facebook & Social Media
What Consumers Want From Their Online Communities

We asked some friends to help us spread positivity and knowledge on the Happy Marketer Connection Podcast…

Happy Marketer Connection Ep 23: Craig Dubitsky, Founder of hello products and Chief Innovation Strategist at Colgate-Palmolive

Craig Dubitsky of hello products and Colgate-Palmolive on “Friendly
Zachary Weinberg, of Gartner on “eCommerce Trends
Pia Marquez of Del Monte on “Building Your Personal Brand
Shonda Brown, Church & Dwight on “Pivoting
Alex Colkitt, Sir Kensington’s on “Engagement

We made some awesome new product updates…

New TikTok Sharing Tool
Real-Time Community Polling
SMS Notifications
Learn More

We can’t wait to crush 2021
We are eager to start the new year. Look out for product enhancements enriching UX for better community engagement and data for better insights.

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