The COVID-19 crisis abruptly changed our buying behaviors and attitudes as we adjusted to new routines. With many areas of the country seeing a lift in restrictions, Vesta asked 5,800 consumers as part of our ongoing research series (Index 1, Index 2) to share their current brand expectations and anticipated plans. Our third wave of data helps marketers understand the lasting impact on consumer habits as stay-at-home orders ease.

Two out of three consumers stocked up on extra household items during this crisis. A large portion of them (42%) are intending to use up that stockpile before returning to purchasing products as normal when restrictions are lifted. This could impact products that were most heavily purchased including cleaning/disinfecting products, toiletries, frozen food, canned goods, and health and wellness products.

Consumers are planning to spend more on shopping at retail locations (20%) and shopping online (18%) when restrictions have lifted. Younger consumers (Millennials and Gen Z) are intending to celebrate the return of their freedom by spending more on experiences including travel and vacations, going out to bars and restaurants, and attending concerts, shows, and performances.

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