Author: Sameer Kamat

Let’s Dance! Introducing TINT x TikTok

Marketing 2 min read
Starting today, using the TINT platform, brands can embed TikTok videos on their website or physical displays. In case you haven’t heard, the loudest and most influential conversations are happening on TikTok, and Gen Z (90 million strong in the U.S.... Read More

Our Year of Innovation in Review: 2019 Tinted

Marketing 5 min read
2019 has been another innovative year at TINT. Our vision has always been to empower brands with powerful and hyper-personalized content experiences, enabling them to build trust on a strong foundation of User Generated Content (UGC).  This year we’ve... Read More

Introducing TINT Experience Builder

Digital Marketing 4 min read
Since 2013, TINT has provided the most powerful and trusted tools to leverage authentic User Generated Content. We brought smart machine-learning to UGC Discovery with TINT HUE. We helped organizations create compelling UGC displays with TINTmix. We supported... Read More