We’re excited to announce you can now use TINT to aggregate Instagram TV (IGTV) content for use on web, screens, social, and your other marketing channels. IGTV videos range in duration from 1 to 15 minutes (on uploads from a mobile device), and 1 to 60 minutes long when uploaded from a computer. Minimum resolution of 720 pixels and support up to  4k, means high-quality visual content. With our industry-first support for IGTV aggregation, you’ll be able to repurpose all the great IGTV UGC to share with your audience.

Seventy percent of consumers consider user-generated content reviews before making a purchasing decision. Lots of amazing reviews exist on IGTV just waiting to be repurposed across marketing channels.

How IGTV Aggregation Work?

IGTV content will now appear in TINT when accounts or specific hashtags are connected. This facilitates the process of finding great IGTV content to moderate, obtain legal rights, and publish and reuse on marketing channels.

The long-form nature of IGTV content helps brands showcase customer-created tutorials, demos, and walk-throughs of how they use their products and services.

Start posting audience and customer-created IGTV content for higher engagement and conversions by requesting a TINT demo here.