Brett Markowitz


With the new year comes new resolutions. While 62% of Americans make New Year’s resolutions, the percentage of people who report achieving their resolutions is a measly 8%. What accounts for the drop-off?

When my colleague Ryo suggested we start a self-improvement program at Tint, I embraced the idea. Right now, in its first month, our “program” is pretty much as simple as can be: at the beginning of the month, each team sets a personal improvement goal and records their progress in a shared spreadsheet. A $100 monthly stipend helps team members fund their endeavors. At the end of the month we meet as a team to discuss, support, and promote the benefits of our goals. As our CEO, Tim, is fond of saying: we’re running a marathon while building a company, not a sprint. My hope is that my colleagues and I will continue to find ways to make ourselves feel better, work better, and live better.