In our latest release, we are bringing two new important features that allow you to use UGC in all of your marketing channels. Let’s take a look!

Collect User Rights on Twitter

twitter ugc rights

Running low on quality content for your monthly newsletters or offline marketing assets? We’ve expanded our ability to get legal rights to customer photos from Instagram to now Twitter! Capture, request rights, and download content from your fans within minutes through our updated rights management tool. Got Dropbox, Mail Chimp, HubSpot, or Facebook Ads? Enable your integrations and watch your content magically appear in your favorite marketing software image library, ready to be published into any channel. 

Sync TINT Content to Dropbox

tint dropbox integration

Once you’ve collected the legal rights and have started building out a library of content, how do you share this with others on your marketing team? TINT’s new Dropbox integration allows customers to have a Dropbox folder that is automatically updated with any content that you have gotten rights to.

Other Improvements

  • Product Roadmap/Changelog – We have a new portal that allows anyone to see upcoming changes to the TINT product. Sign up, and be notified of any and all future updates to our product.
  • Pricing Page – We’ve enabled the ability to look at regionalized pricing on our pricing page. TINT serves many customers internationally, and we wanted to make sure our pricing page reflected that.

Update and Fix for Free Plan Users

Please refer to the Release Roadmap / Changelog and sign up to receive regular product updates. If you have any questions or concerns, email