Explore the newest enhancements that are shaping the future of the TINT platform. From community growth strategies to innovative data collection methods, we’re committed to empowering brands like yours to thrive in the digital landscape.

Community Growth Tool Kit – Drive community signups on any digital channel 

TINT Communities, bolstered by our acquisition of Vesta last year, empowers brands to effortlessly create vibrant branded online community hubs for building lasting relationships with brand advocates and creating an always-on fuel source for UGC and social advocacy.

With robust personalized engagement tools, you can:

  • Increase customer lifetime value and retention with dozens of digital engagements
  • Activate advocates to try, share, review, and refer your brand
  • Gain always-on access for co-creation, crowdsource ideas, and glean audience insights

According to TINT’s State of Community Powered Marketing, 69% of marketers plan to invest in community-building strategies in the next two years, emphasizing its critical role in retention. It’s a true competitive advantage.

Recently we launched embeddable community signup forms and community opt-in checkboxes to drive signups across any of your digital channels.

With these new capabilities you can: 

  • Launched embeddable signup forms for instant community account creation  
  • Create forms on sweepstakes, landing pages, and your website with community opt-in checkboxes 
  • Offer a personalized hub of digital offers, discussions, and rewards

Explore six more ways to grow your community with TINT.

Enhancements to customizable forms for zero-party data collection

Zero-party data is essential for brands to collect in order to deliver personalized engagement and foster long-term relationships with consumers. TINT recently introduced its zero-party data form builder, where brands can create no-code customizable forms and embed them on any digital property.

You can now create, launch, and collect important zero party data, with a dozen data collection elements to choose from.

We’ve recently rolled out new data collection options, such as:

  • Allowing consumers to use a thumbs-up and smiley scale
  • Select from multiple choices or single-choice options 
  • Select specific dates from a date picker 

Here are some additional strategies for leveraging zero-party data to benefit your brand.

Accessibility updates – making communities more inclusive 

At TINT, we’re committed to making our communities more inclusive and aim to ensure that all consumers can engage with your brand community seamlessly, regardless of their abilities.

These enhancements encompass features like keyboard navigation, image alt text, clearer links, and improved color contrast.

Add shoppable UGC galleries in your community to inspire product discovery 

Grow your share of wallet and fuel new product discovery with Shoppable UGC galleries, now available in your brand community. Turn your community into an even bigger revenue channel, enticing a primed buyer audience to purchase new products. 

Brands can now increase engagement and emotional loyalty through: 

  • A dynamic UGC gallery on your community dashboard and discussion forum 
  • Make UGC shoppable for community members to discover and purchase new products
  • Foster a sense of belonging where consumers can “see and be seen” browsing photos and videos of other community members. 

And with the power of TINT’s full AI-fueled UGC solution, you can scale your community UGC across brand channels such as your website, ecommerce product pages, social, events, and more to drive purchase and new community engagement. 

We invite you to explore these new enhancements and discover how they can elevate your brand’s digital presence and foster meaningful connections with your audience. With TINT, the future of Community Powered Marketing is brighter than ever. Let’s shape it together.

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