Category: Product Releases

Introducing TINT Experience Builder

Digital Marketing 4 min read
Since 2013, TINT has provided the most powerful and trusted tools to leverage authentic User Generated Content. We brought smart machine-learning to UGC Discovery with TINT HUE. We helped organizations create compelling UGC displays with TINTmix. We supported... Read More

Instagram Hashtags, Rights from any Post, and More

Product Releases 3 min read
Instagram Hashtags, Rights from any Post, and More Recent changes to Instagram make access to content more difficult. Yet, our newest features aim to make UGC even more accessible for all your marketing needs. From Rights Management to Instagram Hashtags here... Read More

Display Features! TINTmix, Personalizations, Screencast

Product Releases 2 min read
Our product team is constantly coming out with new features that support our customer needs throughout the entire content lifecycle. You may have seen one of our most recent feature released which allows users to send rights requests through direct message... Read More

TINT Continues to Support UGC Rights Clearance

Content Marketing 2 min read
As you may have heard, Instagram unexpectedly announced various changes to their API on April 4, 2018. We have spoken previously about this and what this means for TINT users. Repurposing user-generated content (UGC) legally and safely throughout your... Read More

Deep Learning and Smart Curation with HUE

Marketing 2 min read
We are excited to share one of our biggest and most anticipated features yet! Introducing HUE, a smarter way to curate content. HUE is a scalable content discovery technology that uses deep learning, image recognition, and audience insights to instantly pair... Read More

Feature Release #3: Repurposing Content Made Easy

Product Releases 3 min read
Last week we learned how brands noticed higher conversion rates when using customer generated content in place of professional images in their paid ads. In fact, their customer generated content performed about 3x better than the stock content.  With a... Read More

Testimonials Theme: Under the Hood

Product Releases 2 min read
Testimonials are an essential part of any marketing strategy. They represent the voice of the customer, which these days, is exceedingly more influential than the voice of the brand itself. TINT’s new Testimonials Theme allows brands to harness this... Read More