Pacific Coast Producers, an agricultural cooperative in California specializing in canning fruits and tomatoes for private brands for retailers, restaurants, and schools across the USA, is excited to partner with TINT’s Community Powered Marketing platform to launch the Can Fan Community —an inviting online space crafted to celebrate the diverse advantages of canned food. Aligning with Canned Food Month in February, this initiative is about building genuine connections with influential consumers and nurturing an authentic community of advocates for canned delights.

“The Can Fan Community is a gateway for consumers to unlock a world of culinary possibilities and discover the gems within their pantry,” said Tami Iverson, Director of Marketing. “The community is our way of inviting everyone to join us in celebrating and promoting the benefits and convenience of canned fruits and tomatoes.” 

By leveraging TINT’s Community Powered Marketing platform, the company aims to showcase the versatility of canned food by delivering engaging personalized content and activities, activating advocates and relevant influencers, and interactive discussions with members.

Sameer Kamat, CEO of TINT, expresses excitement about the collaboration: “TINT is pleased to partner with Pacific Coast Producers for the Can Fan Community launch. Together, we deliver a unique space for canned food fans that mobilizes and scales the power of authentic and trusted voices.”

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