Category: Marketing

The Social Commerce Specialist

Marketing 4 min read
The world has shifted, accelerating the need for a new generation of marketing specializations. eCommerce was already heavily influenced by social media, but as more and more users spend an increasing amount of time out of stores and in digital spaces,... Read More

Virtual Graduation: Pomp and Circumstance Online

Events 5 min read
Academic graduations have been held as significant scholastic ceremonies for over 800 years, but in the face of COVID-19 virtual graduation has become the new normal. Academic events are important cornerstones of society. UNESCO recognizes these social... Read More

The Ultimate Guide to Getting Started with UGC

Digital Marketing 10 min read
Brands have known the power of word-of-mouth marketing for years—the opinion of a family member, friend or colleague can make or break the decision to purchase a new car, eat at a particular restaurant or sign on for an enterprise software solution. And... Read More

Afternoon Pick-Me-Up – TINT Coffee Chat 3.30.2020

Marketing < 1 min read
It is time for a Monday Afternoon Pick-Me-Up! Team TINT is hosting an open drop-in coffee chat. Join our customer success team for a conversation around social media, messaging, and best practices as your team works to adjust to the new paradigm.  We’ll... Read More

Advertising on TikTok

Digital Marketing 4 min read
TikTok is the platform for Gen Z. And if you have a product that appeals to a younger audience, you’re missing out by not having a presence on this social network. Recently, the floodgates were opened for paid advertising on TikTok, so sponsored ads are... Read More

6 Major Ways Social Media Has Changed Leisure Travel

Marketing 7 min read
Social media has changed the way we do a lot of things, but none more so than travel. Gone are the days of flicking through a travel brochure. Now, travelers turn to their favorite influencers for destination research, tap into reviews to choose... Read More

5 Brands That Are Killing It With Social Selling Trends

Marketing 6 min read
Consumers are increasingly turning to social media for product inspiration, forcing brands to switch up their strategies if they want a slice of the sales.  One study from Shopify analyzed well over 500,000 orders that came as a result of social traffic,... Read More

Let’s Dance! Introducing TINT x TikTok

Marketing 2 min read
Starting today, using the TINT platform, brands can embed TikTok videos on their website or physical displays. In case you haven’t heard, the loudest and most influential conversations are happening on TikTok, and Gen Z (90 million strong in the U.S.... Read More

6 UX Best Practices for a Great Social Shopping Experience

Marketing 6 min read
More shoppers than ever are turning to social media for product inspiration. Features like shoppable posts and the ability to link directly to product pages from Stories means online stores are seeing more consumers than ever buying through social.  But just... Read More

8 Ways to Skyrocket Your ROI With Social Media in 2020

Marketing 8 min read
ROI is a tricky thing to track, but it can do wonders for your business if you know who’s buying what from where.  While many marketers still struggle to get to grips with measuring ROI from social media, it doesn’t have to be overwhelming and... Read More

4 Ways to Use UGC Beyond Social Media

Content Marketing 4 min read
The place brands commonly repurpose user-generated content (UGC) is, naturally, social media. After all, social platforms are the places UGC is born. However, there is a whole world of possibilities beyond social media, both online and offline, where UGC can... Read More