The world of advertising and marketing is constantly evolving, with new tech, trends and best practices popping up nearly every day. We’ve rounded up this week’s most compelling facts and insights so that you can stay in the know and ahead of the game.

Why Consistency In Content Creation is So Important: An Interview With the858

Summary: With the sheer volume of content that gets put out every day, a lot of marketers get disheartened and wind up thinking: With all that competition, what’s the point? Well, the reality is that the only way to make yourself heard is by leading the race and producing a consistent stream high-quality, valuable content for your users to enjoy.  

Key Takeaway: Having consistent content creation builds brand loyalty, increases consumer satisfaction and makes your company appear more valuable to consumers.

How Good and Bad Super Bowl Ads Affect Consumers’ Purchasing Decisions

Summary: When it comes to the Big Game, everyone knows that the ads are just as entertaining as the sport itself. But do they actually work and incentivize customers to purchase? In short, yes. Almost 50% consumers are more likely to buy if they enjoy an ad, while nearly 70% (yikes!) are less likely to buy if the ad falls flat.

Key Takeaway: Ads are still important when it comes to brand recognition and influencing purchasing decisions – and nowhere is this truer than on Super Bowl Sunday.

Newsletter List Growth

Summary: We get it – as a marketer, you have to capture new contacts and grow your list. That said, you just can’t expect this growth to be sustainable if you achieve it by interrupting your customer’s experience and annoying the audience that you’re trying to engage.  

Key Takeaway: Strong-arming your audience into becoming a contact can have lots of long-term drawbacks, including low open rates and churn.

An Inside Look At Google’s Marketing and Media Strategy


Summary: There’s no denying that Google is an online supergiant. So how do they come up with their marketing and media strategy? By merging insight, technology and creative to come up with informed, cohesive marketing campaigns.

Key Takeaway: In today’s online landscape, all companies – even Google – have to use their data, statistics and consumer feedback to create marketing campaigns that work. 

How to Stop Overthinking Your Content And Start Writing What Your Customers Love

Summary: If you’re trying to create the “best” or most “perfect” content out there, I’ve got news for you – you’re doing content strategy wrong. Instead of running after that pot of gold, focus on what your customers actually like to develop tangible, realistic content creation goals.

Key Takeaway: There is no such thing as “perfect” content, and striving after this unattainable ideal will leave you dead in the water. Give your customers what they like to increase long-term engagement and conversions.

Reaching Millennials With Social Media: New Research

Summary: Millennials spend an estimated $600 billion each year, making them one of the most powerful demographics out there. To capture this group’s attention, pay attention to where they currently spend their time online and where they could be going next. Specifically, keep an eye out for new social media features and make sure that you incorporate those features into your social media strategies.

Key Takeaway: Millennials are always on the cutting-edge of the digital world, which means that if something new and improved gets released, they’ll be there. That means that, if you want to reach them, you’d better make sure that your company is there and ready to greet them when they arrive.

Online Content: Is Longer Really Better?

Summary: For a long time, research has shown that long-form content just performs better – but is that still true, and do consumers actually like it? Well, the new reality is that length doesn’t really matter anymore. Instead, what customers really care about – and what you should be focusing on- is their on-page user experience.

Key Takeaway: There is no longer one right answer to the question What length is best for online content? To get real results today, marketers need to shift their focus, ask the question What length is best for my audience and their user experience? and take it from there.


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