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Fair Use and Photography: A review of Brammer v. Violent Hues

Content Marketing 3 min read
Fair Use is an important legal tenet for content creators across the internet. At TINT, we are always watching the horizon for laws, cases, and issues that will affect your User Generated Content strategy. In today’s case, a photographer sues to protect... Read More

TINT Continues to Support UGC Rights Clearance

Content Marketing 2 min read
As you may have heard, Instagram unexpectedly announced various changes to their API on April 4, 2018. We have spoken previously about this and what this means for TINT users. Repurposing user-generated content (UGC) legally and safely throughout your... Read More

Instagram’s API Changes & How TINT is Addressing Them

Editor's Picks 2 min read
Effective today, April 4, 2018, Instagram deployed changes to their API without advance notice, affecting all users of the Instagram API. The user-generated content currently in use on your properties is not affected. However, there are some changes to TINT... Read More

What Kind of Data Does TINT Collect?

Editor's Picks 3 min read
One of TINT’s biggest priorities is privacy and data protection for our users and we are constantly aiming to provide the utmost safety and satisfaction to them. Each day, the TINT team strives to live up to our company values. Company value #2 states that... Read More

Why Earned Media Is Vital For Successful Content Marketing

Editor's Picks 7 min read
Your reputation precedes you. This phrase is becoming increasingly common in a world where consumers dig deep into brands before they commit to buying anything. First impressions count, especially when you’re fighting against a sea of competitors all... Read More

Why Marketing Campaigns Must Move From Fiction To Non-Fiction

Content Marketing 7 min read
Advertising was once a huge part of society. Culturally, adverts took centre stage in commercial breaks and on billboards. They featured famous characters and presented a polished image of a product. Over the years, marketing campaigns have changed with the... Read More