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5 Ways to Encourage Guests to Post About Your Hotel

Content Marketing 4 min read
Getting people to talk about your property doesn’t just happen on its own. Creating a community willing to show photos of their trip is something that takes effort and the right strategy. We’ve put together five ways to encourage guests to share their... Read More

4 Ways to Use UGC Beyond Social Media

Content Marketing 4 min read
The place brands commonly repurpose user-generated content (UGC) is, naturally, social media. After all, social platforms are the places UGC is born. However, there is a whole world of possibilities beyond social media, both online and offline, where UGC can... Read More

Creating Content Takes Time (It’s Not Magic)

Content Marketing 4 min read
  Garrett Heath is a social media and content marketing consultant and founder of   You may be familiar with the phrase “Content is king,” but too many people think that it should be a magician as well. Those not in the... Read More

Social Media SEO: Everything You Need to Know

Content Marketing 9 min read
Social media managers are often wary of touching SEO. Why? It’s because SEO has a reputation for being a highly technical dark art reserved for specialists. And for good reason. Search engine algorithms are a black box that no one (not even Google)... Read More

Social Content Weighting Strategy

Content Marketing 4 min read
Almost everyone has that friend who sells a network marketing product and has filled their social accounts to the brim with sales materials. As you click “unfollow”, you should ask the question: Are you doing the same thing with your brand’s social... Read More

7 Gen Z Hashtag Campaigns to Inspire your Next Instagram Contest

Content Marketing 10 min read
There’s no denying it—the hashtag is a fundamental part of how we navigate today’s social media landscape. In the span of about a decade, hashtags evolved from primarily a categorization tag into an essential tool for contributing and curating relevant... Read More

Fair Use and Photography: A review of Brammer v. Violent Hues

Content Marketing 3 min read
Fair Use is an important legal tenet for content creators across the internet. At TINT, we are always watching the horizon for laws, cases, and issues that will affect your User Generated Content strategy. In today’s case, a photographer sues to protect... Read More

Everything a Marketer Should Know About Social Media Copyrights

Content Marketing 7 min read
There are no ifs or buts: modern day marketing strategies need to include social media outreach. Three-billion people have access to a social media account, which means that the potential reach of an organization is huge. Social media marketing provides you... Read More

Biggest Marketing Trends for 2019

Content Marketing 4 min read
As the end of the year is fast approaching, it’s important to look ahead to next year’s marketing plan  and see how new trends will impact your efforts and spend. To help, here are a few of the trends the TINT team is watching and think you should... Read More