Instagram Changes Decoded Webinar: Recording & Slides

We wanted to be sure you to get the most out of your UGC. That means keeping you update with the latest changes to Instagram and other popular social media platforms. In December of this year, Instagram will be making another series of changes to continue the depreciation of its API usage. So, you maybe wondering what that means to you as a marketer?

TINT recently hosted a webinar on Tuesday, November 13th, 2018 at 2pm CST/3pm EST to talk you through the changes.  

During the webinar we covered all of the previous changes that took place earlier this year and went over how you can get the most out of your user generated content. We also covered Instagram Business accounts and how to request rights to your UGC.

With our solution and advice on UGC strategies moving forward, you can proactively plan the best possible next steps. Don’t worry, we left plenty of time for Q&A, to ensure you can make the most of your UGC campaigns, while staying up to date on Instagram changes. You are able to view the recording and the slides below.



If you are interested in learning more about Instagram changes or wanting to talk through specific ideas for your brand, Request a Demo to get started.