Author: TaQuanyia Stallworth

5 Things to Keep in Mind When Marketing to Gen Z

Marketing 5 min read
For years marketers have focused on the habits and trends of Millennial consumers. But if your brand relies on a younger audience, it’s time to get to know Gen Z. This generation is known as ambitious, conscientious, and technologically gifted.... Read More

How to Use IGTV For Marketing

Marketing 4 min read
Back in April, Instagram announced the release of IGTV, a platform for watching long-form, vertical video. IGTV allows users to upload videos up to one-hour in length (as opposed to the existing maximum of one-minute videos). Since then, marketers have been... Read More

Biggest Marketing Lessons Learned in 2018

Marketing 4 min read
In 2018, marketers sought expert advice to help solve their most challenging content problems. As we’ve supported brands with their marketing strategy, we’ve also learned several lessons along the way. We’d like to share our take on the biggest... Read More

Biggest Marketing Trends for 2019

Content Marketing 4 min read
As the end of the year is fast approaching, it’s important to look ahead to next year’s marketing plan  and see how new trends will impact your efforts and spend. To help, here are a few of the trends the TINT team is watching and think you should... Read More

Marketing Integrations that make using UGC Easier

Marketing 6 min read
The number of different tools marketers use daily is staggering, especially considering a new tool is created everyday. The challenge becomes integrating tools to seamlessly execute your marketing strategy.  At TINT, we take this issue seriously. That’s... Read More

What the Instagram API Changes mean for Marketers

Marketing 4 min read
This year Instagram has made some significant changes to its platform. This has left marketers questioning, how these changes will affect their marketing strategy. TINT serves marketers, so we want to explain the changes; past, present, and future. If social... Read More

Instagram Changes Decoded Webinar: Recording & Slides

Marketing 1 min read
We want to be sure you to get the most out of your UGC. That means keeping you updated with the latest changes to Instagram and other social media platforms. In December of last year, Instagram made another series of changes to continue the depreciation of... Read More

Why Smart Marketers Use Social Walls

Social Media Marketing 3 min read
With 97% of marketers using social media, the search for new ways to leverage user generated content is more important than ever. Brands are beginning to take an Always On Marketing approach and having a reliable way to aggregate user generated content is... Read More

Always on Marketing

Marketing 4 min read
Technological advancements, has made virtual communication between brands and customers much more instantaneous. There has been a proliferation of tools that allow brands to easily create one-on-one interactions with its customers using social media. The... Read More

Agencies: Don’t DIY your social hub

Marketing 5 min read
Socially savvy brands are increasingly demanding social hubs,or  aggregated social content feeds that integrate with brand websites for an omni-channel experience. Some agencies try to build their own solution to satisfy client needs. Yet creating a social... Read More

Consider This Before Using Brand Influencers

Marketing 4 min read
  It’s no secret that social media has created a new wave of marketing techniques. A technique growing in popularity is the use of brand influencers, also known as brand ambassadors. A brand influencer uses their social media platform to market... Read More