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This blog post is the key to solving your blogging struggles. Within this post are key components of an effective and impactful blog post sure to have your readers coming away feeling satisfied and enriched. Without further ado, here are 5 important tips on how to blog.

1) Attention Grabbing Intro

Normally when surfing a blog, a reader sees only the title of blog posts and the first 50 or so words. Therefore, the first 50 words is a crucial component of any blog post, essentially the reader’s first impression of the blog post and a huge determining factor in whether or not the post gets selected to be read. This may or may not be the reason you are reading this post. Be careful not to deceive, as that is probably the worst thing you can do to a reader. Promise great things in your intro and then deliver in the rest of the post; this will build your credibility with readers and establish a reputation for delivering high quality content. First impressions are key, which brings us to the next ingredient..

2) Attention Grabbing Title 

Like I mentioned in the first ingredient, a blog or forum contains hundreds of posts, not all of which will be read and definitely not all of which are even worth reading. To grab a reader’s attention and persuade that individual that the content of the post is worthy of their time and energy, an attention grabbing title goes a long way to making the decision to right-click and select open in a another tab for the reader much easier.

3) Make Lists

Why Make Lists:

A) Organizes Content
B) Breaks text from seemingly interminable blocks to manageable chunks
C) Aesthetically appealing

4) Bold Important Information

Congratulations, you’ve managed to attract the attention of the reader, and he/she is now open to what you have to say. In order to ensure that your message is communicated clearly, bold important information so that no matter if the reader is going for a quick skim, or a thorough digestion of your article, the take-home message is communicated effectively.

5) Be Yourself

This final ingredient may seem a little strange, since you may be wondering if you’ve accidentally been redirected to an article on building self-confidence. However, personal style is crucial to separating an average blog post from the good ones and the great ones. Although the primary purpose of a blog post is to share information, most people are fully capable of writing in a boring, press-release type of manner. If you display in your writing a flair for humor, or stylistic charm, or drama, these characteristics leave a lasting impression on your readers that not only allows them to more easily remember you and your message, but it may also earn you a new fan.

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