In every startup company, there comes a point where you’re not just a small startup fighting for survival anymore. And at that point, you grow with a team of employees and customers that depend on each other to grow to the next level. Fortunately, that is where Tint is now in 2014.

To keep growing a sustainable company, there needs to be direction throughout the journey. And that’s why our team at Tint has set time to define our values we want to live by because fostering our startup culture is incredibly important. Because having these, we will have a strong opportunity to grow professionally and personally. And we are proud to share them with you so you can keep us accountable and maybe learn from what has helped us build a strong team foundation ready for the million challenges ahead.


The 5 Tint Values

1) Better to ask for forgiveness rather than for permission.

– You have autonomy and responsibility to grow the company in impactful ways.

– You fail fast, and fail often because you understand that’s how we learn.

– Keep shipping code.

– You are a doer and take initiatives, not just a talker.


2) Transparency is key.

– You understand that being transparent builds trust between team members and customers.

– You share your mind openly even if that means challenging others.

– You default to honesty because that is the foundation of a strong relationship.

– You take pride in sharing your strong beliefs.


3) Stay humble, be tenacious.

– You show gratitude and appreciation to others around you.

– You are always level headed because no one is ever better than another.

– You stay laser-focused on your goals and strive to achieve them.

– You don’t let fear inhibit your aspirations.

4) Strive not to be successful, but rather to be of value.

– You understand that success is worth nothing unless you have others around you to share the celebration with.

– You always strive to help others because selflessness leads to a happier self.

– You listen to others first then respond so you understand how to add value.


5) Better yourself everyday.

– You strive to maintain a balanced life because you are running a marathon when building a company.

– You seek and accept challenges that make you feel uncomfortable.

– You try to learn something new everyday.



I’d love to know what you think in the comments section below! Feel free to share any value statements your company lives by!

-Tim, CEO