The TINT team truly feels like a second family. We eat together, we laugh together, and most importantly, we help each other when in need; but let’s not forget our love for some friendly competition.

Each month, TINT gives employees $100 as part of the Self-Improvement Program. This stipend supports any monthly goal focused on bettering ourselves. We believe that we play a significant role in empowering employees to continuously improve themselves. So whether it be daily reading, exercise, or other health and wellness goal, giving our employees the opportunity to improve physically, mentally, or emotionally, can create a powerful impact to their overall wellbeing.

During the month of March, we decided to mix it up and create 4 teams: #one, #dos, #trois, and #vier. The team that posts their assigned hashtag and the #marchSI hashtag the most via our “self-improvement” Slack channel would win. (Spoiler alert: #dos won!)

Members of each #marchSI team posted images or messages of themselves in Slack completing tasks to reach their self-improvement goal for the month. When the message is sent, the #marchSI TINT is automatically updated to reflect it.

So what’s the big idea?

The #marchSI TINT was displayed on a screen in the TINT HQ office during the entire month of March. With each employee setting new monthly self-improvement goals, it was a fun way to share our goals and progress. It equally encouraged us to continually inspire each other through teamwork and reminded us to embody our company culture.

Countless studies have shown that companies with higher levels of employee engagement have higher levels of employee satisfaction and productivity. The hardest part of generating organic employee-generated content (EGC) is the lack of participation in employees, despite EGC achieving 8x more engagement than content shared by the company. However, as with all of us who share exciting experiences on social media, satisfied employees will do the same. This, in turn, creates valuable, authentic EGC.

We previously released a 4-part blog series on employee-generated content that you can read below:
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4. Get content for your employee advocacy campaign

Success at TINT can be credited to the employees and how satisfied we are as a company. Schedule a demo to learn more about how TINT can help you leverage your EGC to improve employee engagement, productivity, and retention.