Author: Breena Fain

Advertising in 1967 vs. 2017

Marketing 5 min read
Boardrooms clouded with smoke, tumblers filled with whiskey, and a dapper Don Draper are some images that might come to mind when you think about advertising in the 1960s. As industries, advertising and marketing are always evolving as fads change, political... Read More

2017 Marketing Trends Every Content Creator Should Know

Marketing 4 min read
With the new year underway, content marketers are in a frenzy to create fresh, unique content that captures audiences, drives brand engagement and closes deals. The amount a pressure marketers face at large continues to grow as new social media channels pop... Read More

4 Ways to Create Content People Actually Want… And Fast

Marketing 4 min read
As storytellers, we always feel a great deal of pressure to captivate our audience in a unique and memorable way. We want to dazzle. We want to stand out. What makes this pressure even greater is that in today’s world, there are already so many stories out... Read More