TINT is made from the best people on earth. We’ll introduce another ingrediTINT (get it? get it?) every month. Team TINT is a quickly growing cast of characters (10 to 30 in one year)!  Time to meet the small team of people that built the world’s largest social display platform.

I feel like I experience serendipitous moments all the time in the city. On the day marriage equality was upheld by the Supreme Court, San Francisco was exploding with pride. I caught a Lyft and my driver and I were excitedly discussing the historic day. As we kept talking, not only did we discover that we had the exact same birthday, but “YMCA” started playing on the radio at that very moment and we danced all the way home. It made for a pretty impressive Snapchat video to say the least. 🙂

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Whether it’s a silent disco on the beach, an emotional street mural, or just a chill afternoon in Dolores Park with a good book and my dog Toby, living in San Francisco has been something out of a lovely daydream.

As one of TINT’s Customer Success Strategists, I spend a lot of my day thinking up awesome ways clients can use TINT so I’m always bursting with ideas. But it’s really best when I’ve enabled clients to get their gears turning and I can feel their enthusiasm about the possibilities. It makes my whole day when a client experiences an “Aha!” moment on our call. If they walk away with more confidence in their ability to use our platform really effectively, I know I’ve done my job.

-Saachi Sharma, Customer Success Strategist

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