With 97% of marketers using social media, the search for new ways to leverage user generated content is more important than ever. Brands are beginning to take an Always On Marketing approach and having a reliable way to aggregate user generated content is important for a successful social media strategy. The problem that many marketers face when trying to implement user generated content, is finding ways to get their target audience socially sharing in a way that’s engaging, highlights live interactions, and drives conversions. The simple solution to that problem, is Social Walls!

The benefits of social walls

Social walls are a unique marketing solution that allows marketers to redisplay content that their audience has socially shared. Usually done with a social media aggregator like TINT, social walls provide a refreshing spin on traditional advertising, by allowing marketers to gain the attention of their audience at the right time, the right place, and with the right content. Benefits of social walls include:

  • Generating user content in a scalable way that can be used in various marketing channels
  • Acts as a content engine that can be utilized for higher performing content in marketing campaigns
  • Increases engagement and audience participation during live events
  • Allows brands to promote key words and drive brand awareness
  • Helps uncover influencers and evangelists
  • Provides insights and analytics such as impressions and likes through real time interactions
  • Facilitates networking opportunities that can maximize your social reach after an event

How using social walls drive revenue

Social walls help marketers drive revenue in a few different ways. Social walls can drive sponsorships, ad space, or donations. Content that is aggregated from a social wall during an event can also be turned into branded content. Social walls also drive revenue by allowing you to redisplay your user generated content on your website and apps.

On average, clients that have used TINT for social walls have seen a 29% decrease in content creation cost, a 23% increase in time spent on their website, a click through rate that improved times 4, and a 18% increase in customer loyalty. Social walls provide user generated content that converts, allowing you to create visually stunning marketing campaigns that increase your book of business. Talk about a revenue-generating machine!

How easy it is to use and set up social walls

Although social walls have software and hardware requirements, they are very easy to set up and use. For the hardware all you need is digital signage display or digital monitors (which can be accessed by a signage provider), a laptop or mobile device, and an HDMI cord/ Google Chromecast. Tint provides specialized collaborative software that allows you to aggregate, moderate, and control the flow of social media content.

Tint is the ultimate social wall tool for conferences and events. We allow brands to easily personalize, curate, and brand social media content giving it the look and feel that highlights your brand. Mix and match social media networks to increase engagement and gain more visibility from your target audience. Ready to take your content to a screen near you? Request a demo to get started!