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Digital Event Strategist – Sample Job Description

Digital Marketing 4 min read
Marketers are known for their ability to analyze, adapt, and conquer. Changes in the world have created new marketing roles, like Digital Event Strategist, that are the future of the marketing and communications professions.  Digital activations of any kind... Read More

The Ultimate Guide to Getting Started with UGC

Digital Marketing 10 min read
Brands have known the power of word-of-mouth marketing for years—the opinion of a family member, friend or colleague can make or break the decision to purchase a new car, eat at a particular restaurant or sign on for an enterprise software solution. And... Read More

UGC Rights and Embedding Social Platform Posts

Digital Marketing 4 min read
When it comes to user-generated content, many brands still aren’t aware that the users retain the copyrights to the content that they post. But here’s a spoiler for you: they do. In fact, if you don’t explicitly ask permission from a consumer to... Read More

Advertising on TikTok

Digital Marketing 4 min read
TikTok is the platform for Gen Z. And if you have a product that appeals to a younger audience, you’re missing out by not having a presence on this social network. Recently, the floodgates were opened for paid advertising on TikTok, so sponsored ads are... Read More

Facilitating Student Connection with UGC During COVID-19

Community Building 4 min read
With many universities shutting down or delivering online classes due to the COVID-19 outbreak, universities may wonder how to stay connected with their students. After all, if students are quarantined at home it’s hard to have that college experience. But... Read More

Understanding the Importance of UGC User Rights

Digital Marketing 5 min read
Many brands have found the power in user-generated content (UGC) to promote their products. Seeing photos of customers and influencers with a product is the digital incarnation of word-of-mouth marketing, one of the most powerful ways to convert prospects to... Read More

Five Ways UGC supports SEO

Digital Marketing 6 min read
User generated content has become a must-have for any brand that is trying to raise both awareness and loyalty. UGC drives conversions, shows authenticity, and increases engagement, but a lesser-known benefit of adding UGC to your marketing mix is improving... Read More

5 Ways to Encourage Guests to Post About Your Hotel

Content Marketing 4 min read
Getting people to talk about your property doesn’t just happen on its own. Creating a community willing to show photos of their trip is something that takes effort and the right strategy. We’ve put together five ways to encourage guests to share their... Read More

Implementing a Social Ecommerce Strategy on Your Website

Digital Marketing 4 min read
Social ecommerce has been a buzzword for ecommerce managers for a while, but it has—until this point—been difficult to actually implement. User-generated content (UGC) that shows your products in consumers’ hands is one way to harness the power of... Read More

Social Media SEO: Everything You Need to Know

Content Marketing 9 min read
Social media managers are often wary of touching SEO. Why? It’s because SEO has a reputation for being a highly technical dark art reserved for specialists. And for good reason. Search engine algorithms are a black box that no one (not even Google)... Read More

C.C.P.A. – A Primer

Digital Marketing 4 min read
The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) is slated to take effect on January 1, 2020. Brands and agencies are calling it the GDPR of the USA. There’s a lot of acronyms, legalese, and misinformation swirling around the discussion.  Let’s clear up... Read More