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How to Hire A Top-Notch Community Manager

Community Management is a critical role. This hire is the bridge between your customers and your team, and their feedback is critical for every department. Read More

Want to reduce churn? Host a breakup party.

Talking to your former customers is one of the best things you can do for your business. Invite your "exes." Reduce churn. Here's how. Read More

Startup Promotions and Equity Grants

We researched how different tech companies handle promotions and equity grants. Here's how our startup decided to handle it. Read More

The History of Meerkat with Founder and CEO Ben Rubin | Social Studies Podcast

Social Studies Podcast is a talk show produced by TINT about marketing, social media, and technology through the lens of the industry’s most innovative minds. Hosted… Read More

Meet TINT: Brad Singley

Team TINT is a quickly growing cast of characters (10 to 30 in one year)! We’d like you to meet the small team of people that built… Read More

How Our 30 Person Startup Makes Decisions with a Flat Structure

When our startup was smaller we would sit around a table and tackle our biggest problems together. But then we tripled in size. A flat… Read More

Meet TINT: Saachi Sharma

Team TINT is a quickly growing cast (10 to 30 in one year!). Meet the small team of people that built the world's largest social… Read More

How our tech startup created a better workplace feedback system

Our startup didn't like the traditional workplace feedback systems we read about, so we set out to create a new system we call feedforwards. Read More

How we rewrote our company culture as a team

Here's how we rewrote our company culture and included every team member. Read More

Strategy and Relationships in the World of SaaS

SaaS (Software as a Service) is often deemed as the holy grail of scalable business. Some SaaS tools function with zero outbound marketing and zero… Read More

Take a Break: A startup guide to avoiding burnout

Over the past year, I watched TINT grow from 4 employees to 22. As an early engineer, I have been guilty of trying to brute… Read More

Startup Compensation: Is Your Salary Fair?

What factors determine if your startup compensates you fairly? How can you make sure you're being paid fairly without rocking the boat? Read More