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Meet TINT: Brad Singley

Marketing 2 min read
Team TINT is a quickly growing cast of characters (10 to 30 in one year)! We’d like you to meet the small team of people that built the world’s largest social display platform. Each month, we introduce someone new. Last month we met Saachi Sharma,... Read More

Meet TINT: Saachi Sharma

Startup 2 min read
Team TINT is a quickly growing cast (10 to 30 in one year!). Meet the small team of people that built the world's largest social display... Read More

Take a Break: A startup guide to avoiding burnout

Startup 6 min read
Over the past year, I watched TINT grow from 4 employees to 22. As an early engineer, I have been guilty of trying to brute force my way through tasks by spending more hours on them. And after a year, I am nearing... Read More

Social Media for Self-Improvement

Culture 2 min read
TINT’s experimental, monthly self-improvement program is still going strong.  We’re continuing to tweak the program as we go, to encourage greater participation and increase everyone’s chances of success. Take a peek at TeamTINT’s continual efforts... Read More

Case Study: #TINT4GOOD Hashtag Contest

Marketing 2 min read
TINT recently partnered with TechSoup, a global organization dedicated to helping nonprofits access the technology they need to operate at their full potential. Together, we’ll be making our product more available to small and medium-sized nonprofits.... Read More

Working for TINT from Across the Pond

Startup 3 min read
Last weekend I boarded a flight from London to San Francisco. I was excited and nervous to leave behind my family for ten days and meet my co-workers at TINT for the second time. As the European Director of TINT, I am responsible for strategic partnerships,... Read More