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Social Media for Self-Improvement

TINT’s experimental, monthly self-improvement program is still going strong.  We’re continuing to tweak the program as we go, to encourage greater participation and increase everyone’s… Read More

Case Study: #TINT4GOOD Hashtag Contest

TINT recently partnered with TechSoup, a global organization dedicated to helping nonprofits access the technology they need to operate at their full potential. Together, we’ll be… Read More

Working for TINT from Across the Pond

Last weekend I boarded a flight from London to San Francisco. I was excited and nervous to leave behind my family for ten days and… Read More

No followers? No problem: A small business guide to social media

“But I’m too small to use social media.” “If only I had more followers, my business could use social media more effectively” “I don’t have… Read More

Move Fast and (actually) Break Things: How to build teams that aren’t afraid to fail

How to practice the common 'Move fast and break things' with strong focus and discipline. Read More

Going Global Overnight: How to take your startup international

If your business has clear traction in a specific market then my recommendation would be to head there, however when your stat sheet looks like… Read More

2014 Year in Review – A look back on the year that no one expected

If 2013 was the year that changed everything at TINT, 2014 was the year that no one expected. Period. Here is our 2014 Year in… Read More

Why Our Startup Got Rid of Sales Commissions with Monthly Team Bonuses + Formula

Our startup TINT does not have a sales commissions structure, yet it has been able to grow to a multimillion dollar, profitable company. See how… Read More

The Email Armageddon is here — and I couldn’t be more thrilled

I'm in a war against email. Here are some tools that can replace email that I personally have used and love. Read More

Dubai: The next hub for social media startups

Launching your San Francisco tech startup in the Middle East might not be an obvious choice. But this past week, Tint moved into Dubai. And… Read More

Yoga, Breakfast, and Bicycles: September Self-Improvements at TINT

Two months ago, we launched Tint’s Self-Improvement program. The rules were simple: set a goal, and Tint will support your with up to  $100. The… Read More

How to Train for a Triathlon while Working Long Startup Hours

Quinn Cox shares how he worked crazy long startup hours and trained for a half-ironman triathlon at the same time. Read More