Did you know an average of 1.3 billion emails (yes, with a “b”)  are sent per day during the period of the Monday before Thanksgiving in the US through Giving Tuesday the next week? The competition is fierce and this year’s Deloitte holiday forecast predicts ecommerce holiday sales to grow between 10.3% to 12.8% compared to 2022 season. 

While you’re making your (email) lists and checking your templates twice for the holiday season, don’t miss one of the easiest and most effective ways to win sales over your competitors and maximize ROI. Enter Dynamic UGC Email Blocks, a powerful feature available in TINT.

Read on to learn four easy strategies you can implement today to enhance your email marketing with Dynamic UGC:

Insert Dynamic UGC in Your Automated and Trigger-Based Emails to Boost Conversion

In addition to traditional batch-and-blast emails, 45% of marketers utilize trigger-based emails, including automated emails such as Cart Abandonment, Welcome Emails, Re-engagement Campaigns, and Post-purchase Nurturing. 

These emails are incredibly important, boasting over 70% higher open rates and contributing up to 20% of your email marketing revenue. Including UGC in your emails has been shown to increase click-through rates by 73%, with 79% of consumers stating that UGC significantly influences their purchasing decisions.

With TINT’s Dynamic UGC Email Blocks, you can ensure all your email templates consistently feature relevant and fresh UGC at every touchpoint, whether through our AI-powered curation or a more hands-on approach. The best part? Once you’ve inserted a Dynamic UGC Email Block, TINT will automatically refresh content without the need for image re-uploads or code adjustments.

Improve Click-Through Rates and Product Discovery with Personalized UGC Recommendations 

Personalizing your email campaigns is critical for driving sales. Yet, only 30% of companies take advantage of the benefits of personalization. That might be because nearly 3 in 4 marketers feel overwhelmed by all the different personalization capabilities offered and don’t have the time to explore all of those capabilities.

In the hectic marketing chaos of the holiday season, you need simple and measurable ways to drive engagement. One quick win for marketers is to level up their product recommendations in email marketing. According to Salesforce, offering product recommendations can make up 26% of revenue and increase your average order value (AOV) by 10%.
Consumers rank authentic UGC as the most trustworthy content and 75% say it helps them search for and discover products, brands, and experiences. With TINT’s powerful filtering tools, you can easily pre-sort product-specific UGC to insert into your email nurturing campaigns.

Let’s say you’re a skincare brand with several product lines, and you want to recommend your serums to your moisturizer customers. What better way to drive product discovery than to show actual people using a related product recommendation? 

Over 80% of consumers prefer seeing photos of real customers, ensuring your product recommendations resonate authentically with your audience, and guiding them towards meaningful purchases.

Cultivate an Owned Brand Community at Purchase to Foster Loyalty and Always-On UGC Creation 

In today’s market, brands must invest resources into building customer relationships to ensure retention, brand loyalty, and advocacy for new acquisition. 

Consumers today want more from their relationship with brands. They are no longer satisfied with intrusive advertising and transactional loyalty programs. In fact, 77% of loyalty programs that use transactional rewards fail within the first two years. Fostering post-purchase relationships through Community Powered Marketing and featuring community-generated content in your holiday email marketing campaigns is a highly effective approach.

The importance of community engagement can’t be overstated. McKinsey predicts community-based marketing to be the defining trend of the 2020s. In a study of 400 marketers, 86% believe that a branded online community positively impacts core operations, with 85% recognizing its role in improving the customer journey and building trust. 

In an era where consumers prioritize emotional connection, personalized marketing, and shared values, featuring content from your brand’s community in emails not only fosters a sense of belonging with your audience but also drives new opt-ins and community growth.

Our research found that 59% of consumers are more likely to share photos and videos of a brand when they are part of a dedicated community. With TINT, you can mobilize your consumer community in a customizable community destination connected to your brand website, creating an always-on source of fresh UGC and post-purchase engagement that you can easily integrate across all your email templates.

Use Dynamic UGC to Get More Product Reviews and Leverage the Domino Effect of Social Sharing

In the world of social and UGC, sharing begets sharing. When you showcase UGC from satisfied customers in your holiday emails, you can help trigger a chain reaction of UGC creation. 

A happy customer seeing other fellow happy customers share their experience encourages them to add their story and participate in the conversation. And one of the most sought-after means of sharing in marketing is high-quality product reviews

This quick win leverages the social nature of the holiday season to enhance your brand’s reach and impact and is a powerful way to harness the influence of your existing customers during the holidays. 

By including Dynamic UGC Email Blocks, you not only express your appreciation for their purchase but also show that you value their feedback and experiences with your products. This is crucial because it enhances social proof from other customers enjoying the same products and inspires reviews and referrals, creating a thriving ecosystem of engaged customers who not only buy from you but actively advocate for your brand.

Wrap Up Success This Holiday Season With Dynamic UGC Email Blocks

Don’t wait for the gingerbread to cool – tis the season to sparkle and Dynamic UGC Email Blocks can make your email marketing shine, boosting your sales and supercharging your conversion. Get started today.

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