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With the advent of social media, marketing has changed drastically. Communicating the value of your organization has become all about online visibility, about creating a strategic online media plan for the plethora of digital options. It’s no longer just about text or images, it’s about multimedia – #hashtags, photos, blogs, infographics, user generated content, and even short videos. In this world, knowing your social media etiquette is fundamental.

Just because the options are numerous doesn’t mean you should post the same thing on every social media site, or even cross-pollinate your postings. Sometimes that works, but often it’s redundant and you can end up losing customers. No one wants to read the same post twice, especially if they loyally follow you on every major site. The content that you post to Facebook might not be ideal for LinkedIn. The hashtags you use on Instagram might be too numerous for twitter. And what should you be doing on Google Plus?

You’re creating content. You’re sharing your blog posts, images, and stories. But on which social media platform should you share this content? And how? It’s extremely important to know the right etiquette for each platform so that you can target the right customers. Here are some helpful tips.

Social Media Etiquette Infographic
By Guest Contributor Ivan Serrano
Ivan Serrano is a web journalist and infographic wizard from California. He has covered a large variety of topics, but is especially adept at writing about social media, technology and business. Ivan is a worshiper of the sports god, and will begin his annual, four month prayer session now the football season has begun. As soon as hockey starts up again, Ivan may not be seen for several months. Ivan suggests you look at this link for a bit more info on Social Media Etiquette.