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6 Takeaways from FTC’s Influencer Disclosure Guidelines

Social Media Marketing 4 min read
The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has released Influencer Disclosure Guidelines to provide an ethical and legal roadmap for social media personalities. The FTC is an independent enforcement arm of the U.S. government tasked with consumer protection. Part of... Read More

Can I reuse a hashtag?

Social Media Marketing 4 min read
We’ve all been there. You’ve spent time brainstorming, testing, and designing the perfect hashtag. Then you start researching. Suddenly, you find that your hashtag is already being used by someone else. Enter crisis mode and start googling, Can I reuse a... Read More

Google Launches Shoelace

Social Media Marketing 3 min read
Today, Google launched Shoelace, a free social platform designed to share local “handpicked things to do with others who share your interests”. This is not Google’s first attempt at location-based social platforms, or social media altogether. Let’s... Read More

Emotional Language in UGC: Desktop vs. Mobile

Marketing 4 min read
Form follows function. The smartphone was designed for convenience, ease of use, and mobility. The desktop -or modern laptop for that matter- was designed as a workhorse; it does the heavy lifting required to sustain an information age society. A 2019 study... Read More

Are new stadium WiFi networks changing sports marketing?

Marketing 4 min read
The way spectators view live sporting events is changing along with mobile technology. Sports fans can often be found occupied by their smartphones during the game, or shooting selfies in the stadium to share with friends over social networks. Sports... Read More

Dubai: The next hub for social media startups

Startup 4 min read
Launching your San Francisco tech startup in the Middle East might not be an obvious choice. But this past week, Tint moved into Dubai. And we found ourselves in the midst of one of the most receptive environments could have hoped for. Why? Firstly let’s... Read More

1 Billion Impressions: The Digital Climate March

Culture 5 min read
This past Sunday, 400,000 people took part in the People’s Climate March in New York City to demand action on climate change. The march made the front page of The New York Times, but received the usual mix of coverage and inattention that climate activists... Read More

Social Media Etiquette in One Infographic

Marketing 2 min read
You're creating content. But on which social media platform should you share it? And how? It’s important to know the right social media etiquette for each platform so you can target the right... Read More

Use Promoted Tweets like a Pro

Marketing 4 min read
Whether promoted tweets are right for your goals is for you to decide. But don’t let uncertainty about how to launch an effective campaign prevent you from advertising on Twitter. Here are five tricks to implement to make sure you are getting the most of... Read More