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Special Events Guide to Going Digital

Event Marketing 11 min read
Attempting to transition an event from in-person to digital can seem like a herculean effort. But with modern technology, it has become easier than ever to create online events. Event planning, whether in-person or digital, requires the same processes and... Read More

Assemble the Perfect Special Events Social Team

Event Marketing 7 min read
Major special events drive engagement on social media. Attendees, vendors, sponsors, and other participants are almost single-mindedly focused on the event. They’re taking photos, sharing content, and connecting with brands in ways outside the norm of a... Read More

11 Mobile Apps Event Marketers Can’t Live Without

Event Marketing 5 min read
It is conference seasons, but event marketers work throughout the year to ideate, design, and create amazing events. Event marketers are always on the run, making mobile applications essential to their craft. We’ve talked to our events team and rounded... Read More

How to Create An Event Hashtag

Event Marketing 5 min read
How Do I Create a Hashtag Contest? To create a successful hashtag contest on Instagram or another social channel, you need to generate a unique hashtag that embodies your brand or the goal you’re trying to achieve. Then, offer a prize to a randomly... Read More

The Marketer’s Checklist for Stunning Social Walls

Event Marketing 5 min read
In today’s digital landscape, social proof is critical in the effort to elevate brand status. People respond more positively to brands who engage with their followers and provide authentic, appealing opportunities for them to interact. As a way to boost... Read More

The Ultimate Guide to Social Walls

Digital Marketing 8 min read
If you are a social media manager, you may be looking for a social wall solution. As a way to boost social interaction at an event, the social wall is unmatched as a method to engage and connect with event-goers. Using curated, rotating displays that often... Read More

Webinar: 7 Event Marketing Sins You’re Committing

Event Marketing 1 min read
Social Tables and TINT are joining forces to teach you how to avoid common event marketing mistakes and how to win big at your next event. Jose of TINT and Laura of Social Tables will cover 7 event marketing sins you might be committing (and how to avoid... Read More