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Testimonials Theme: Under the Hood

Product Releases 2 min read
Testimonials are an essential part of any marketing strategy. They represent the voice of the customer, which these days, is exceedingly more influential than the voice of the brand itself. TINT’s new Testimonials Theme allows brands to harness this... Read More

Release Notes #1 6.15.17

Product Releases 5 min read
Welcome to the very first blog post featuring TINT release notes! Here, we will cover feature releases as well as any significant updates to the TINT platform, providing useful insights and links to relevant documentation. For most announcements and release... Read More

TINT + Review Trackers = Live, Dynamic Customer Testimonials

Product Releases 4 min read
Brought to you by popular demand, we’re excited to announce our new Review Tracker feature. The Review Tracker feature will allow businesses add an additional layer of UGC-driven results on their site, increasing both the number of marketing touchpoints and... Read More

TINT: Q2 2016 Product Release Updates

Product Releases 3 min read
After the TINT content pros on our marketing team asked me to start writing about our newest features, I went out and read a bunch of “Release Notes” or other similarly rote documents about the new things that one company or another is doing. I... Read More