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User-generated content vs eWord-of-Mouth (UGC vs eWOM)

Research & Insights 5 min read
There are many variants: Digital word of mouth, electronic word of mouth (eWOM), user-created content, and user-generated content (UGC). This inconsistency often raises questions about the proper term of art for marketing and communications professionals.... Read More

Social Cognitive Theory: Behavior Modeling Effects of UGC

Research & Insights 4 min read
In the world of media effects research, one theory that has garnered a lot of attention is that of social cognitive theory. In 2019, Marina Krcmar, an associate professor in the Communication Department at Wake Forest University, detailed this theory in Media... Read More

Ebook: Marketing to Gen Z

Research & Insights 2 min read
Ah, Gen Z. Much of their generational identity is debatable depending on who you ask, but you can’t ignore their growing influence. The same old, go-to marketing approaches won’t work when it comes to engaging Generation Z, the most diverse... Read More

5 Ways to Make Food More Hashtagable

Marketing 4 min read
Small changes can make big differences! A study from faculty at the University of Hong Kong analyzed top influencers to find commonalities in their most engaging culinary posts. Based on this research, we’ve found five ways for restaurants to make food more... Read More

UGC stars in commercials nominated for Emmy

Research & Insights 1 min read
Two of the spots nominated for the 2019 Emmy for Outstanding Commercial are wonderful collections of UGC. There’s an explosion of brands leveraging UGC (user-generated content) and it’s no surprise given that people trust other people more than... Read More

Emotional Language in UGC: Desktop vs. Mobile

Marketing 4 min read
Form follows function. The smartphone was designed for convenience, ease of use, and mobility. The desktop -or modern laptop for that matter- was designed as a workhorse; it does the heavy lifting required to sustain an information age society. A 2019 study... Read More

From One CMO to Another: Leverage User Generated Content

Content Marketing 5 min read
As an experienced marketing leader for the past 21 years, I’ve seen marketing go from direct mail to web to email to social and all the way to today’s owned media and content marketing. But in all that time (not to date myself) I have not quite seen the... Read More

How Social Testimonials Drive More Sales When Used Effectively

Research & Insights 4 min read
We rely on testimonials in one form or another on a daily basis. Your friend tells you about a new flavor of LaCroix, and you order a pack on Amazon. Your coworker Slacks you about a tech newsletter she signed up for, so you subscribe. We’re curious to try... Read More

Reuse Social Content from Customers with 3 Lessons

Content Marketing 4 min read
Every day on Facebook, 2.5 billion pieces of content are created.  Is all that peer/customer content being used? Are brands finding ways to reuse social content and user generated content?  The sad thing is, they are usually not.  — Why is it so hard... Read More