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7 Examples of Successful Hashtag Campaigns

Social Media Marketing 6 min read
There are many horror stories of brands who have had the hashtags that they've created used against them to smear their brand. Successful hashtag campaigns avoid a social media explosion by creating a tag completely free of ambiguity, which allows you to... Read More

Social Media Rights: A Guide to User Generated Content

Social Media Marketing 7 min read
User Generated Content (UGC) in marketing strategies is on the rise. Brands have realized how valuable it is to use genuine images shared on social media by real-life customers. With this shift has come a host of legal questions: when is it ok to use an image... Read More

Link Building is Not Dead | Social Studies Podcast

Content Marketing 14 min read
Social Studies Podcast is a talk show produced by TINT about marketing, social media, and technology through the lens of the industry’s most innovative minds. Hosted by Nathan Zaru. In this episode we welcome Nik Baron, head of SEO at Grammarly. You can... Read More

When Trolls Apologize

Social Media Marketing 6 min read
Over and over, those of us who work on the internet are told, “Don’t feed the trolls. Don’t talk back. It’s what they want.” But is that true? Does ignoring trolls actually stop... Read More