Author: David Ramirez

9 Lessons Learned from WordCamp San Antonio

Events 10 min read
WordCamp San Antonio was preparing for its fourth conference when COVID-19 struck. The organizers swiftly made a decision to convert the event to a virtual activation. Their team had two weeks to turn a two-day conference into the world’s first all-virtual... Read More

User-generated content vs eWord-of-Mouth (UGC vs eWOM)

Research & Insights 5 min read
There are many variants: Digital word of mouth, electronic word of mouth (eWOM), user-created content, and user-generated content (UGC). This inconsistency often raises questions about the proper term of art for marketing and communications professionals.... Read More

Afternoon Pick-Me-Up – TINT Coffee Chat 3.30.2020

Marketing 1 min read
It is time for a Monday Afternoon Pick-Me-Up! Team TINT is hosting an open drop-in coffee chat. Join our customer success team for a conversation around social media, messaging, and best practices as your team works to adjust to the new paradigm.  We’ll... Read More

Special Events Guide to Going Digital

Event Marketing 11 min read
Attempting to transition an event from in-person to digital can seem like a herculean effort. But with modern technology, it has become easier than ever to create online events. Event planning, whether in-person or digital, requires the same processes and... Read More

Five Ways UGC supports SEO

Digital Marketing 6 min read
User generated content has become a must-have for any brand that is trying to raise both awareness and loyalty. UGC drives conversions, shows authenticity, and increases engagement, but a lesser-known benefit of adding UGC to your marketing mix is improving... Read More

4 Things Event Organizers Must Do in 2020

Events 10 min read
The Events Industry has never been stronger and event organizers will need to evolve to compete. The industry has seen an increase in the number of events, size of events, number of attendees, and overall spend on events. Special Events were estimated to... Read More

Social Media Marketing World 2020

Events 1 min read
TINT is excited to be a sponsor and exhibitor at Social Media Marketing World in beautiful San Diego, California. Starting Sunday, March 1 until Tuesday, March 3, we’ll be visiting, connecting, and sharing best practices with the top social media... Read More

New emojis for 2020 have been announced

Social Media Marketing 3 min read
New emojis for 2020 have been announced. The Unicode Consortium, a governing body that helps standardize languages on computers, released new emojis for worldwide adoption. We’re excited that the new emojis for 2020 expand options regarding culture,... Read More

byte app launches on Vine anniversary

Social Media Marketing 2 min read
byte, a looping micro-video app from the co-founder of Vine, has launched. The app touts creativity first and looks to build communities around experiences.... Read More

How Brands Can Build Authentic Influencer Relationships.

Influencer Marketing 9 min read
Brands and agencies are spending more than ever on influencer marketing. The influencer and content creator industry is booming with people and money. To maximize opportunity, brands and agencies need to focus on how they can build authentic influencer... Read More

Get Up and TikTok!

Social Media Marketing 4 min read
Enough discussion, it is time to get up and TikTok! TikTok is the fastest growing social site of this new decade. The short-form video platform has taken the globe by storm, establishing a new digital destination for creators and consumers. Marketers have... Read More

20M Trees Achieved! Go #TeamTrees

Marketing 3 min read
In case you haven’t heard about it, #TeamTrees is the viral global phenomenon created by YouTuber MrBeast in late May 2019. The idea was simple but powerful: for every dollar donated, #TeamTrees will plant a single tree. Their goal was to raise... Read More