Author: Jose Angelo Gallegos

6 Major Ways Social Media Has Changed Leisure Travel

Marketing 7 min read
Social media has changed the way we do a lot of things, but none more so than travel. Gone are the days of flicking through a travel brochure. Now, travelers turn to their favorite influencers for destination research, tap into reviews to choose... Read More

5 Brands That Are Killing It With Social Selling Trends

Marketing 6 min read
Consumers are increasingly turning to social media for product inspiration, forcing brands to switch up their strategies if they want a slice of the sales.  One study from Shopify analyzed well over 500,000 orders that came as a result of social traffic,... Read More

6 UX Best Practices for a Great Social Shopping Experience

Marketing 6 min read
More shoppers than ever are turning to social media for product inspiration. Features like shoppable posts and the ability to link directly to product pages from Stories means online stores are seeing more consumers than ever buying through social.  But just... Read More

8 Ways to Skyrocket Your ROI With Social Media in 2020

Marketing 8 min read
ROI is a tricky thing to track, but it can do wonders for your business if you know who’s buying what from where.  While many marketers still struggle to get to grips with measuring ROI from social media, it doesn’t have to be overwhelming and... Read More

Advertising in 1970 vs Advertising in 2020

Marketing 6 min read
The 70s heralded a new era for the advertising world.  We’ve seen it portrayed in TV series like Mad Men, where it’s all sharp suits and martinis in swanky bars. But the changes that happened in the ad world in the 70s go much deeper than... Read More

5 Influencer Marketing Trends To Watch in 2020

Marketing 6 min read
As consumers grow increasingly skeptical of polished brand messages, they’re turning to their favorite influencers for inspiration about what to try next.  The rise in influencer marketing has seen brands from all different industries collaborating... Read More

How To Leverage User Generated Content For Holiday Campaigns

Marketing 6 min read
User generated content (UGC) and the holidays go together like Santa and his sleigh.  At this time of year, we eagerly await the arrival of festive content from our favorite brands, but sometimes it can all feel a little overwhelming.   This is where UGC... Read More

Top Marketing Trends Predictions for 2020

Marketing 7 min read
2020 is just around the corner and we’re catapulting full steam ahead into a brand new decade, too. This means it’s time to start thinking about what marketing trends will arise in the next 12 months. But now, thanks to the rapid advancement of... Read More

The Best B2B Marketing Campaigns

Marketing 6 min read
Every year, we see new and exciting creative marketing campaigns and the B2B space is no different.  We know that any purchase decision has an element of emotion and B2B buyers are no different. They are seeking out a human connection with businesses and... Read More