Author: Lizzie Davey

Trending 7: Ad Forecasts and Standing Out on Social Media

Marketing 3 min read
This week, we’re all about looking forward. We’ve compiled the best posts that highlight the 2017 advertising forecast, what the phenomenon of “fake news” means for brands, and what social media experiments you can carry out this year... Read More

Trending 7: Social Proof and The Facebook Awards

Marketing 2 min read
In this week’s installment of the Trending 7, we’re bringing you a cool case study on Instagram Stories, a cuttingly real comic strip from the Marketoonist, and the chance for you to get involved in Facebook’s annual Awards ceremony. The... Read More

The Trending 7: Stock Photos and Social Media Marketing

Marketing 3 min read
We’re all about brand identity and social media marketing this week as we bring you the latest stories about influencer marketing, brand ambassador programs, and Instagram advertising. It’s time for the annual Shorty Awards, too, where brands pick up... Read More

12 Best Alternatives To Cheesy Stock Photos

Marketing 7 min read
First impressions are important. Think about when you land on a website, what’s the first thing you do? I’m willing to bet you scroll around to take it all in visually. Visual is the key word here, and it’s why images are so important. Source People... Read More

TINT Raised $3,000 for Charity Water

Culture 6 min read
The words self-improvement can mean many different things to many different people. As we head into a new year (it’s 2017, can you believe it?!), it might be a word that’s at the front of your mind. At the end of last year, it was a word that was at the... Read More