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#LeanInTogether: A Campaign Built on Partnerships

Raising awareness is something social media was practically designed to do. Its impact on social change can be debated – but its ability to spread… Read More

Dancing with Millennials: How the SF Ballet Trended on Twitter

How do you get millennials to patronize the arts? Our generation loves art, but we also love streaming movies on our laptops and paying off… Read More

HR and Social Media: Employee Generated Content matters

Employee Generated Content (EGC) is the biggest HR strategy that most companies overlook. Give your employees the social media tools to share their knowledge and… Read More

Case Study: #TINT4GOOD Hashtag Contest

TINT recently partnered with TechSoup, a global organization dedicated to helping nonprofits access the technology they need to operate at their full potential. Together, we’ll be… Read More

How to Pitch Your Guest Blog

Guest blogging is an important piece of the content marketing arsenal. Here's how you can write your pitch to make sure editors say "YES." Read More

No followers? No problem: A small business guide to social media

“But I’m too small to use social media.” “If only I had more followers, my business could use social media more effectively” “I don’t have… Read More

4 Ways Wearables will Change Marketing – and what you can do to be ready

We don’t really know what wearables will look like, and we don’t really know what they will do. So how can you prepare a marketing… Read More

Strategy Guide: How to Increase Revenue From Sponsors using Social Media

Convincing sponsors to fund you and your event/campaign/organization can be a delicate dance. They want to support you and your cause, and they want to… Read More

Hashtag Activism: The Revolution Will be Tweeted

2014 was a big year for social media and activism: from pro-democracy demonstrations in Hong Kong, to raising $100 million for ALS research, to providing… Read More

Better than Banner Ads: Smart ways to spend your ad dollars in 2015

Its not news that banner ads have become a poor investment. Modern day banner ads have a click rate of less than .1% (or 1… Read More

How #Hashtags Changed the Way we Talk

The hashtag arose in 2007 as a way to categorize and “tag” tweets. It slowly gained traction, until 2009 or ‘10 when suddenly hashtags (and… Read More

Digital Marketing for Shopping Malls: 6 Ways to Use TINT

In 2012, U.S. shopping-center retail sales totaled more than $2.4 trillion, accounting for half of all retail sales in the U.S. In the face of increasing… Read More