Author: Ana Gotter

How To Keep The Momentum Going From Your Hashtag Campaign

Social Media Marketing 5 min read
The moment is here. You’ve worked exhaustingly hard, creating a branded hashtag for your business, launching it into visibility, and generating enough conversation that you’re gaining real results. And then the campaign is over—so now what? Now, you... Read More

TINT + Review Trackers = Live, Dynamic Customer Testimonials

Product Releases 4 min read
Brought to you by popular demand, we’re excited to announce our new Review Tracker feature. The Review Tracker feature will allow businesses add an additional layer of UGC-driven results on their site, increasing both the number of marketing touchpoints and... Read More

7 Essential Tools For Your Brand Ambassador Program

Influencer Marketing 5 min read
Word of mouth marketing is exceptionally powerful, and the internet has allowed for this traditional form of marketing to have viral potential. Instead of one raving fan telling a few of their best friends about a product, now they can upload a quick Facebook... Read More

14 Powerful Hashtag Tools You Should Be Using in 2017

Social Media Marketing 11 min read
How Do I Track Hashtag Analytics? To track hashtag analytics, you’ll need to use a variety of tools that organize and evaluate hashtag data from multiple sources. Hashtag analytics can tell you what hashtags are relevant to your brand or event, which... Read More

38 Mind-Blowing Stats About User Generated Content

Content Marketing 5 min read
Marketing trends never stop changing, and it feels like there’s a new hot buzzword every few months that dominates marketing strategies for a while before it eventually fades away. We’ve had a few clients think that User Generated Content is nothing more... Read More

Retail Marketing and UGC: How it Influences Shopping Behavior

Content Marketing 6 min read
Let’s say you’re shopping for a new watch, and are walking from display to display. There’s a dozen different pamphlets and beautiful posters strewn across the cases, listing all the features of a certain product and telling you why you need to get it.... Read More

Employee Generated Content: How It Impacts Company Recruitment

Research & Insights 5 min read
We’re all familiar with UGC (user generated content) and its brand-boosting capabilities, but what about EGC? EGC, or employee generated content, can have the same type of effects when shared on social media. Brands everywhere have started catching on,... Read More